Benefits of Music to Your Health

1387304944000-musicA majority of us loves to listen to music, only there are some who does not. But, ever since music was created it has been an essential part of our lives. Whether it is our home, work station, office, party, park or any other place music can be easily heard in these places. Moreover the type of music we hear while workout, while running, while studying, while dancing or doing any other activity also sets or mind set and mood, it is found that music also is very effective in changing the mood and behavior of a person.cropped-Young-man-listening-to-music.jpg

Music was invented centuries back and ever since it has been an essential part or humans different cultures. As it is effective on our cultures, it is equally effective to our body’s mental and physical health. Music has a number of effects that are very beneficial for our body. Let us see the benefits of music to our health.

Benefits of Music to Our Health:

1.Improves Visual and Verbal Skills

Music is very effective in increasing our visual and verbal skills. It has been studies and proven that music exposed to infants on regular basic help the to develop their visual as well as verbal power, and these children develop these abilities faster as compared to normal children. Moreover it has been tested that slow and specific vibrations of music increases the response and action ability of the children of even one year of age.

  1. Improves the Ability of Aged Brainspeople-830140_640

It is found recently that, music heals even the old age brains and makes them more active and healthier as compared to normal brain of a human. Music training, music therapy, listening to music and play music in old age, helps to keep or brain active and healthier for working. Moreover by doing these activities a person is able to increase his memories and have a sharp mental state. Due to the fact that music has a rhythmic and specific pattern researches show that in some of the Sevier cases of brain damage, music has helped people in recovering their memories partially or fully depending on the damage of the brain.

  1. Music helps to make you Happier

Music has a so much of a hidden power that even puts an intense effect on a person’s mood. It has been noticed that listening to music even changes humans mood to happy, excited, pumped up and thrilled. Music has the ability to change the human emotions. When we listen to music our body internal function excretes a chemical known as dopamine which is worldwide known as the feel good chemical. This chemical helps us to be happy and makes our mood enjoyable under any circumstances. Music moreover helps our body to feel same amount of happiness or pleasure that is give or obtained by eating any of the drugs, chocolate or even having sex.

  1. Music Reduces DepressionBenefits-of-Music-Therapy

Music has turned out to be the most effective remedy against depression. The music therapy has very remarkable results on patients suffering from heavy depression problems. Also listening to music lowers the level of the stress element in our body making the immune system more powerful and resistive against any effects from outer environment.

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